The Vibe of Abraham

Abraham’s story is generally one big ‘up’ vibe. God decides that he needs to fill the world with good people. He spots Abraham and packs him off to Canaan where he says he will have more descendents than there are stars in the sky. Abraham finds this surprising as he is no spring chicken, nor is his wife Sarah. Sarah turns the vibe bad by getting Abraham to sleep with her maid so that at least Abraham will have a baby. The plan works but God is adamant that the happy couple will have kids of their own. Remarkably, he is right and when they are aged around 100, baby Isaac is born, the first of many descendents who would later be known as the Israelites, aka the Chosen People, aka the Jews. The vibe gets very dark when God asks Abraham to sacrifice his child on a fire. Abraham goes along with the idea but at the last minute God lets on that it was just a test which Abraham has passed with distinction. A saved by the bell vibe.

General vibe of Abraham: Trusting God has its benefits.

Factvibe: Through the son he had with the maid, Abraham is also one of the lead vibes in the religion of Islam.
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