The Vibe of Acts

Acts is where the vibe of Jesus bursts onto the international scene. The vibe is so good that it can’t be kept down and Acts describes the deeds of the brave men and women who keep it afloat. The book begins with the Disciples finally getting their own act together with the help of the Holy Spirit and during the Jewish festival of Pentecost, they are empowered to spread the message of God’s love to all people. They are convinced that Jesus is the Messiah who was promised to them by the prophets and who will save humanity from itself and their belief in this combined with miraculous healings is infectious. It’s helped by the message of Jesus being an attractive one – if we are truly sorry, he can forgive us for breaking God’s laws, he can make us clean again and he can give us a second chance. And not only is there forgiveness but there is also the promise of eternal bliss in the company of God. Acts mainly involves the Disciple, Peter and the convert, Paul, travelling with their entourages through the northern Mediterranean while spreading the news about Jesus. They teach in temples, on the street, in prison and in houses - wherever the vibe takes them. Despite shipwrecks, imprisonment and earthquakes, they keep the vibe flying high and groups of supporters spring up almost everywhere they go. Church starts here and though the vibe is never easy, religion gets organised and Jesus gets one step closer to being a household name.

General vibe of Acts: God goes international.
Factvibe: Despite being jointly responsible for launching the worldwide church, Peter and Paul disagreed on how to do it and only spent a total of fifteen days together.
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