The Vibe of Adam and Eve

To be honest, Adam and Eve starts with a pretty good vibe. Adam is the first man and God makes Eve to keep him company. He then puts them in a nice garden filled with plants and animals and gives them not a care in the world. However, the garden also has two trees growing in the middle of it – the Tree of Life and the snappily named Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam is appointed head gardener and as the garden is the mother of all VIP suites, it is guarded by angels with swords of fire. Adam is given a list of what he can and cannot eat from the garden, which is basically anything not growing on the TOTKOGAE. However, the vibe begins to wobble when the Devil, disguised as a snake, tells Eve that, despite the embargo, it’s OK if they eat from the TOTKOGAE. The fruit fills Adam and Eve’s heads with information, such as ‘we are naked’ which brings the vibe crashing down on top of them. God is livid and just to make sure they don’t get up to any more mischief, such as eating from the other tree - which would let them live forever - the two shame faced gardeners are evicted. A ‘nice while it lasted’ vibe.
General vibe of Adam and Eve: Paradise Lost.

Factvibe: There is no mention anywhere in the Bible of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil being an apple.
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