The Vibe of Amos

Amos has an activist’s vibe. Despite the prosperous times in which he is living, Amos sees corruption and scandal all around him and feels he has to speak out. The rich have fattened themselves at the expense of the poor and have crushed the helpless. God doesn’t want these fat cats to worship him, he wants justice. The Day of the Lord is coming – a day when God will pass judgment on his people. But when he comes, God won’t be crushing Israel’s enemies, he will be crushing Israel. The people might feel invincible but God has seen how they have treated the poor and downtrodden and his vengeance will come. Amos knows that God’s judgment is on its way and that a marauding army will ravage Israel’s women, kill Israel’s children and seize Israel’s land. The vibe is hardcore - there will be no reprieve. However, for the few good souls who will be left after the slaughter, unimaginable blessings will be coming their way. A woeful, doom laden vibe, but a vibe with a small cherry on the top nonetheless.

General vibe of Amos: Hurt the poor at your peril.

 Factvibe: Prior to becoming a prophet, Amos was a shepherd.
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