The Vibe of Angels

Angels are God’s messengers. Their vibe is one of goodness, love, and protection. They show up like stage hands throughout the Old Testament, getting the job done. Who cares if the job that needs doing is guarding a tree, destroying a city or feeding a prophet – like a divine production company, angels are the people who make it happen. Angels rescue Lot from the destruction of the city of Sodom, they prevent Abraham from killing his son and rescue Daniel and his friends from the furnace they have been thrown into. In the New Testament their vibe is more one of information. Angels announce the births of John the Baptist and Jesus and show up en masse to tell a group of shepherds in Bethlehem that the birth of Jesus has just happened. An angel comforts Jesus on the night before his arrest. Angels roll the stone away from the tomb after Jesus has come back to life and an angel is on hand to show Jesus’ followers that the tomb is empty. After Jesus has disappeared into Heaven, an angel frees Peter from prison and any number of angels are on hand in the Book of Revelation to unlock scrolls that explain how things are going to pan out when Jesus comes back. Angels look after us and the vibe is that we all have angels in Heaven who look out for our wellbeing. A nice, comforting yet informative  soft towel after a cold swim kind of vibe.

General vibe of Angels: To protect and serve.

Factvibe: There is no mention anywhere in the Bible of angels having wings.
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