The Vibe of Babylon

Babylon has a superpower vibe. A hugely successful city, its ruler, Nebuchadnezzar decides that he wants a piece of the Israel Judah cake. All of it in fact. Given that Babylon is the most powerful place on Earth at this time, very little can stop the king, his soldiers and horses wreaking vibes of total annihilation on Jerusalem, its Temple and the surrounding country. By all accounts, Babylon isn't such a bad place to be and despite the Boney M song, lots of the Jews who are carted off here in exile do pretty well for themselves. Several of the prophets write their vibes of doom in Babylon's leafy environs and many will no doubt have marvelled at the green fingered vibes behind the famous Hanging Gardens. Babylon's vibe doesn't last though: eventually the city falls to the Persians and the Jews are allowed home to rebuild the vibes they left behind in Israel. A bad to good vibe swingometer.

General vibe of Babylon: It's nice but it's not home.

Factvibe: All that’s left of Babylon’s vibe is a hump in the ground that can be found near the city of Al Hillah, 55 miles south of Baghdad.
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