The Vibe of Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel are Adam and Eve’s sons and their vibe is a troublesome one. Both boys become farmers – Cain does crops and Abel does livestock. When it’s time to show God their love and respect, Abel trumps Cain by offering a more special sacrifice. Cain is consumed with jealous rage and arranges to meet his brother in a field where he kills him. When God asks where Abel is, Cain is overpowered by a truculent, teenage vibe and mumbles that he has no idea, besides, he’s not responsible for his brother’s whereabouts. God rumbles him however, as God is all seeing and all knowing, and puts a curse on the boy. The land will fail to grow his crops and he will be forced to wander the earth. Cain whinges that people might kill him on his wanderings if God doesn’t protect him and God puts a mark on him so that everyone knows not to touch him. A sad story of greed and jealousy that ends with a lonely, restless, godless vibe. Kids, who’d have them?

General vibe of Cain and Abel: You can run but you can’t hide.

Factvibe: The sulky retort: ‘am I my brother’s keeper?’ comes from this grubby vibe of inter sibling rivalry.
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