The Vibe of Christianity

This is the essential vibe of the New Testament and, put simply, it is a vibe of love. There are one or two rules but nowhere near as many as in the Old Testament. The Ten Commandments are still de rigueur but ordering food at a restaurant is a little easier. Christianity is about looking out for other people rather than adopting a 'me me me' vibe and there are plenty of helpful suggestions offered by Jesus – his Parables and Sermon on the Mount, for example. Despite no scientific evidence, Christians believe that Jesus really is the son of God, that he died in order to wipe the slate clean for everyone, that he came back from the dead, speaks to them personally and listens to their prayers. This vibe is called faith and is not something that can be argued over a beer in a pub. Many great things have been done in the name of Christianity from world events such as the abolition of slavery to more personal interventions where people have been healed and helped. Many unpleasant vibes have also been brought about by people claiming to be Christian, and history books are full of them, but it is unlikely that Jesus would have given any of these the green light had he been consulted beforehand. Christians often disagree with each other, resulting in numerous different brands of Christianity, all of who run their churches slightly differently. However, Christianity remains a popular religion of choice around the world and most Christians live peaceful lives and try to help people less well off than themselves.

General vibe of Christianity: Love everyone.

Factvibe: Today there are over 30,000 different Christian denominations.
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