The Vibe of Chronicles

Chronicles has got a definite schoolroom vibe to it. The Israelites are reminded how they came to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the Promised Land as POWs to someone else’s country. The recapping continues and some might say there’s a bit of a repetitious vibe to the book but naughty children need to learn and the Israelites' behaviour leading up to their defeat by Babylon was pretty unruly. Still, there is hope. The Israelites are free to go back to their homeland and the lessons in Chronicles are being given to prepare them for what lies ahead. Compared to the state of the art metropolis of Babylon that the Israelites have become accustomed to, Israel has a third world vibe so going home will be no walk in the park. A sleeves rolled up, best foot forward vibe.

General vibe of Chronicles: Don’t do it again.

Factvibe: The last two verses of Chronicles are also the first two verses of the next vibe, Ezra.
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