The Vibe of Colossians

Like a teacher wading into a playground scrap, Colossians has an impatient, sort things out vibe. The church in the Greek city of Colossae has been infiltrated by people who don’t want to leave behind the baggage of the things they believed in before they became Christians. This means that the church in Colossae has become a bit watered down with other beliefs and philosophies. It’s fair to say that Paul is not a fan of this vibe and rolls his righteous sleeves up and tells the church leaders exactly what he thinks of this. He jumps down hard on the vibe that men need to be circumcised in order to enjoy the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Utter rubbish says Paul – the only way to be set free from the mess of our old life is to have faith in Jesus. The ‘start again’ vibe is strong in Colossians. We are told to put all our worldly desires in a bag under the bed and become new people. Then, with Jesus at the wheel, we can live in harmony with one another regardless of who we are or where we were born. A matter of fact, straight down the line, clear as day kind of vibe.

General vibe of Colossians: Jesus doesn’t need adding to.

Factvibe: Colossae is the only church Paul wrote to but didn’t visit.
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