The Vibe of Corinthians

It’s all kicking off in the Greek seaport of Corinth and Paul’s first letter arrives like a teacher walking into an unruly classroom. Still, rather than knocking heads together, Corinthians has a problem solving vibe. The locals see themselves as pretty enlightened, fond of an argument and happy to share opinions. Which is all well and good, but when this leads to them reimagining Jesus in a way that is plainly wrong, a grown up needs to step in. Paul ticks the Corinthians off for creating cliques – we should all be united in what we believe. Paul also gives human wisdom a bit of a dressing down – it’s not about being clever that matters, it’s about being wise spiritually. There’s a bit of an ‘anything goes’ vibe to the city of Corinth and Paul is keen to lay down some boundaries regarding sex and relationships. After a crash course on love which anyone who has ever been to a church wedding will be familiar with, Paul continues with helpful tips on worship, settling disputes, marriage and taking communion. Once the first letter has been sent off, the vibe in Corinth gets even messier but things eventually sort themselves out. In letter number two, Paul explains why he was so heavy in his first letter and tells the Corinthians how pleased he is that everything is OK again. He then suggests they have a whip round for the poor in Jerusalem. Letter two ends with a vibe of righteous indignation – some rabble rousers in Corinth have been suggesting that Paul isn’t the real deal and that they are better followers of Jesus than he is. Time (and the fact that his letters take up almost a third of the New Testament) proves the wise money was on Paul, not the dissenters. Egos, personality clashes, moral dilemmas - all in all, quite a human vibe.

General vibe of Corinthians: God’s wisdom is better than ours.

 Factvibe: Paul fired off four letters in all to the church in Corinth but only the second and third made it into the Bible.
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