The Vibe of Daniel

Daniel has a hardcore, militant, resistance fighting vibe. Despite being dragged off into Babylonian exile with the rest of the Israelites, his refusenik vibe means he won’t eat unclean animals, choosing to go veggie instead. But, like Joseph before him, he has the gift of interpreting dreams, a skill that impresses Babylon's King Nebuchadnezzar so much that he begins worshipping Daniel’s God immediately. However, the king soon forgets, erects a golden pillar and orders everyone to worship it or be thrown into a furnace. Daniel and his gang refuse, telling the king that God will save them from the fire which, fortunately he does. Now doubly impressed, the king worships God again, only to go insane. His son Balthazzar is a wayward child and during a feast when he and his buddies are getting drunk using silverware from the Temple, mysterious writing appears on a nearby wall. Daniel interprets it as quite literally the writing on the wall for Babylon and, days later, Darius conquers Babylon for Persia. Darius understands Daniel’s vibe and promotes him until he is one of the big kahunas at the royal court. The vibe wobbles a bit when Darius is tricked into signing an order that everyone has to worship him or be thrown into a pit filled with ravenous lions. He forgets that this means his trusty advisor Daniel might end up as a snack for wild beasts but rules are rules and in Daniel goes. Luckily, the lions know a good man when they see one and the vibe in the den is pretty chilled. End result, Daniel gets out, the new king worships God and Daniel goes on to help secure the release of the Israelites. The book finishes with some apocalyptic visions of the future where good battles evil and the end vibe is that God is in control of the universe, which is no bad thing.

General vibe of Daniel: It pays to be loyal to God.

Factvibe: Daniel lived to be over 100 years old.
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