The Vibe of Deuteronomy

There is a tangible vibe of excitement in Deuteronomy. Forty years after the Israelite slaves first left Egypt, they are camped at Moab, about to enter the Promised Land of Canaan. Moses is very much on a recapping vibe as he reminds the people of who they are, where they came from and where they are going. He goes over all the laws that were dished out in Exodus and reminds them that they are only free because God loves them. The vibe throughout is pretty much ‘keep the faith’ and make sure God is a part of the new world order in the Promised Land.
General vibe of Deuteronomy: On your marks, get set...

Factvibe: Of all the history vibes in the Bible, Deuteronomy covers the shortest time span – around one month.
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