The Vibe of Ecclesiastes

There is a pretty gloomy teenage vibe to Ecclesiastes. Everything is meaningless and nothing we do has any point. The vibe is that it is all ‘emptiness, chasing in the wind.’ The world is unfair but God will judge the bad people. No good will come to those who are only interested in material things, and life doesn’t always add up. Some good people die young, some evil people live a long life and in the end, we all die. However, it’s not all black wallpaper and emo. God gives vibes of wisdom, knowledge and joy to those who please him and it is a gift from God that we can eat drink and be happy in return for an honest day’s work. In short, we should enjoy life as much as we can, remembering that God calls everyone to account at the end. An up vibe after a lot of down ones.

General vibe of Ecclesiastes: Cheer up.
Factvibe: Ecclesiastes was written by King Solomon.
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