The Vibe of Egypt

Vibes of wealth and power flow out from Egypt. When Joseph’s brothers sell him, the slave traders they do the deal with are en route to the bustle and hustle of this cash rich kingdom. Years later, when famine strikes Canaan, Joseph's dad, Jacob, brings the family to Egypt for some food handouts. They stick around when they realise that the man handing out food is actually Joseph and within a relatively short time, there is a pretty large Jewish population in Egypt. Quick to make an advantage of this population explosion, Pharaoh forces the Jews to work on construction sites but when the number of Jews keeps increasing, he orders all baby Jewish boys under the age of two to be killed. Egypt finds itself on the receiving end of some terrible plagues when the Pharaoh won't let the Israelites leave and the Egyptians are last seen with their army thrashing around as the Red Sea closes in on them, having parted moments earlier to allow Moses and his Israelites to cross. The vibes of Egypt pop in and out of the Bible after the Israelites have moved on – King Solomon marries a daughter of Pharaoh and after Jesus is born his dad, Joseph has a dream telling him to take his young family home to Nazareth via Egypt as King Herod wants to kill his small son. A kind of ‘Evil Empire turns good’ vibe.

General vibe of Egypt: The rich people down the road.

Factvibe: There are no vibes to suggest the Israelite slaves built any pyramids, but they did build the cities of On, Pithom and Ramses for the Pharaoh, Rameses II.
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