The Vibe of Ephesians

There’s a nice ‘we’re all in this together’ vibe to Ephesians. Thanks to Jesus, Paul says, we are set free from our old ways and regardless of whether we’re Jews or
Gentiles, our faith should bring us together. The vibe is that we are all part of one body, so for the body to work properly we all have to pull together, wherever we’re from. Paul draws a line in the sand – there should be a difference between the old us and the new us. New us should be free from all the dirt that was part of our lives before God intervened, and new us should be full of the kindness and forgiveness that Jesus has shown us. In this new life, the vibe is very much give and take. Wives, children and slaves are told to submit to their husbands, parents and masters but in return, husbands, parents and masters are told to be kind, balanced and fair and not to abuse their power. The letter ends with a war vibe - we are warned that we are not fighting flesh and blood but the rulers of darkness. To win we will need the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit and, above all, prayer.

General vibe of Ephesians: Pull together.

Factvibe: Ephesians was written as a ‘pass the vibe’ letter to be shared among a group of churches in what is now western Turkey.
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