The Vibe of Esther

Esther may be a fox but she is no ordinary eye candy. She has an iron nerve and ultimately saves the day. Her story begins when she is talent spotted to become part of King Xerxes’ harem and in no time she becomes Queen. Meanwhile, the King’s number two decides to wipe the Jews off the face of the planet and persuades the King to buy into his genocidal vibe. Esther has kept her Jewishness under wraps as the Jews are foreigners and pretty low in the scheme of things in Persia. Esther’s uncle manages to get an urgent message to her to ‘do something’ and save the Jewish people from disappearing forever. This involves Esther getting some time on her own with the King where she can ask him to change his mind. It’s a tough one - coming out as Jewish could go horribly wrong for both her and her people. With the fate of hundreds of thousands of people in the balance, Esther approaches the King. Happily, the Disney vibe is strong, the meeting goes better than expected, Armageddon is called off, the baddie gets his come-uppance and the happiness vibe reigns.

General vibe of Esther: Not just a pretty face.
Factvibe: In Hebrew, Esther’s name means ‘myrtle’.
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