The Vibe of Exodus

Roughly translated as ‘Let’s get the heck out of here’, Exodus is packed with action vibes. In the 400 years since Joseph welcomed his family with open arms into Egypt, the Israelites have thrived. Feeling threatened, Pharaoh has enslaved them but this results in an even bigger population explosion. Finally, Pharaoh tries to reduce their numbers by killing all the newborn boys but thanks to the craftiness of his family, Moses is saved. When he is an adult, God picks Moses to round up the Israelites and head off with them towards the land he promised Abraham. At the last minute, Pharaoh decides that the slaves are actually quite useful and forces them to stick around so God has to send a number of unpleasant plagues to persuade him to let the Israelites go. Only when God kills all the people who were the first ones to be born in their family does Pharaoh sign the Israelites’ exit visas. Even then he has second thoughts and chases after them. God parts the Red Sea just long enough for Moses and his people to pass through and closes it back over the chasing Egyptians. Fed by manna, a miracle food that falls from the skies, guided by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, and spurred on by having God on their side, the Israelites move on through the Desert of Sinai towards their end destination. God then hands Moses the Ten Commandments and the vibe takes a downward turn when the people get homesick for Egypt and build a giant gold cow to worship. God is about to wipe them out altogether when Moses steps in and negotiates on their behalf. Thanks to this, the end vibe of Exodus is a positive one.
General vibe of Exodus: Out of Africa.

Factvibe: The vibe of the Passover comes from the killing of the firstborn Egyptians. While the carnage is going on, the Jews cleverly mark their doorposts to let God know to ‘pass over’ them.
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