The Vibe of Ezekiel

Part of an advanced party of elite Jews to be carted off to Babylon, Ezekiel realises that the ultimate downfall of Israel is inevitable. Despite this, he is roundly ignored and even when he gets into a role play vibe and personally acts out the last days of Israel, nothing changes. As the rest of the Jews are rounded up and led away to Babylon, Ezekiel shakes his fist at the way they have rebelled against God. There is a big symbolic vibe to Ezekiel; the prophet speaks in pictures. Fires, swords, eagles, vines and lions all represent God, Israel and the enemies who hate them. Ezekiel rages at Israel’s neighbours and warns them of their own impending doom. But it’s not all bad vibes. Ezekiel can see far enough ahead to a time when desolate, ruined Israel will be filled with people again, when the Temple will be rebuilt and when God will bring a ‘Son of David’ to look after his people like a good shepherd. The vibe of Ezekiel is a tough one that warns of terrible events to come. However, there is a cup of cocoa at the end as Ezekiel reminds us that we are all personally responsible for our own happy ever after vibe with God, and assures us that God will make everything OK again.

General vibe of Ezekiel: Don’t give up hope.
Factvibe: The inscription on the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Israel is Ezekiel Chapter 37, verse 14.
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