The Vibe of Ezra

Ezra carries on the history vibe that has been passed from Samuel to Kings to Chronicles like an Olympic torch. And it’s a good news vibe. Babylon is now run by the Persians and the King of Persia is Cyrus, a straight up and down fellow who decides to let all the captives in his new empire go free and worship how they want. This unexpectedly liberal vibe sets in motion a mass transit of people from Babylon back to Israel where they try and rebuild the Jerusalem Temple. There’s a spoiler vibe among some of the non Jewish settlers in Israel and thanks to their meddling, building work stalls. Then the new king of Persia, Artaxerxes finds the old decree that says the Jews can build their Temple and the renewed enthusiasm means the building is up in no time. Ezra arrives from Babylon with treasure to fill the place and priests to run it and the vibe only falters when he makes everyone stand out in the rain while he tells them to get rid of their pagan wives. Most of the Israelites buy into this ‘keep yourselves to yourselves’ vibe and the nation fills with newly single women. And probably lots of tears.

General vibe of Ezra: This time, get it right.
Factvibe: A scribaholic, Ezra is thought to have also written the vibes of Nehemiah and Chronicles.
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