There’s an urgent vibe to Galatians. Some teachers have started spreading the message that, in order to be proper Christians, converts need to follow all the Jewish
laws, right down to circumcision. It’s clear that Paul is experiencing a hands clutching head ‘oh no’ vibe and he rattles off this letter to set matters straight. Anyone can be a Christian without jumping through hoops, he says. All that is needed is the belief that Jesus was who he said he was – the son of God who died horribly as punishment for all the bad things we have done (and will continue to do).  Paul is clear that the legalistic vibe of the Jewish law is at odds with the freedom that comes with following Jesus. The Jewish law is history, the future is in the peace and joy that comes with relating to people in a generous, humanitarian way. The rulebook has been thrown away, there is now a new rule and the vibe of that rule is love.

General vibe of Galatians: You needn’t be Jewish to follow Jesus.

Factvibe: Though Paul’s letter to the Galatians appears after the letters to the Corinthians in the Bible, it was written eight years earlier.
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