The Vibe of Genesis

Genesis has got a pretty positive, get things done vibe. It’s all about stuff being made and new things being kick started. At the whim of God and his divine toolbox, the world, the animals and people all make their debut in Genesis. Still, it’s not all rosy. The first couple, Adam and Eve mess up and the vibe gets progressively worse until God steps in with a giant flood which wipes out pretty much everyone. God then sets about filling the world with more people and making sure good things happen to the good and bad things happen to the bad. This in itself is a pretty much the general vibe of the rest of the Old Testament. The ubervibe in fact. Genesis is a pretty meaty book and has many subvibes, each with their own particular flavour. The stories of Noah, Abraham, Sodom and Gomorrah, Joseph and his technicolour dream coat are all contained in the ‘are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin’ vibe of Genesis.
General vibe of Genesis: In the beginning…

Factvibe: Hardcore creationists believe the world was created in 4004BC. Fossil evidence suggests otherwise.
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