The Vibe of Gideon

Remember the Bibles in hotel bedrooms we mentioned earlier? Gideon is their patron saint. Not that his was an expressly ‘tell everyone the good news’ vibe. His vibe was much more ‘oh no, not me’. Pretty similar to the Moses vibe but not quite as obstinate and downright truculent as the Jonah vibe. Gideon is a bit weedy; the youngest member of the family in the weakest of the twelve tribes of Israel. And he’s actually hiding when God finds him. This makes him a natural choice in the upside down vibe of God’s world and he is hand picked to repel a raiding party of 130,000 warriors who want to steal Israel’s cows and sheep. The underdog vibe continues when Gideon can only muster 30,000 troops and, to prove a point, God only lets him take 300 of them into battle. Despite being the clear favourites, the enemy get a ‘weak at the knees’ vibe quite early on and run like scared children from Gideon and his modest sized fighting force. After an emphatic victory, the Israelites naturally want Gideon to be their king but Gideon, being a good egg, tells them that God is the only big cheese in Israel. All in all, a good, little guy makes good, day saving vibe.

General vibe of Gideon: God likes underdogs.

Factvibe: The people who put Bibles in hotel rooms chose their name because Gideon did ‘exactly what God wanted him to do regardless of his own judgement’.
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