The Vibe of God

God is the father and mother of all vibes. He is Deus vibus. A lot has been written about him in history but it’s actually pretty simple. God is there before anything existed. Out of the great nothingness, he creates space, time, the planets, us and pretty much everything else. God loves people and gets angry when they either don’t love him back or hurt others. As the Old Testament gets underway, he uses prophets to tell people what his plans are and to keep the place running smoothly. When the people don’t listen, they are punished by being dragged off kicking and screaming by enemy armies. God encourages people to offer sacrifices to him and in return he will forgive all the bad things they have done. God promises to send someone to rescue his people and to everyone’s amazement sends his son who becomes God’s divine representative on Earth where he explains to everyone how God wants them to live. Unbelievably, God allows his son to be killed – a once and for all sacrifice that cleans up the mess of our past. After this has happened, God’s spirit stays behind on Earth to carry on the work. The vibe of God is love. If we love the people around us and treat them with respect and kindness, God is in that love. If we are sorry for the bad things we do, God forgives us. However, there is always a flipside and if we decide to stick two fingers up to God, things will be less pleasant. God made us, he knows how he wants us to live and the general gist of the Bible is that it’s good to sing along to that vibe.
General vibe of God: Love

Factvibe: Despite numerous paintings depicting him as such, there is no evidence that God is an old man with a white beard.
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