The Vibe of Habakkuk

Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? This is the vibe that takes centre stage in Habakkuk. Habakkuk is upset that God is letting people get away with murder in Judah, and the vibe turns to astonishment that God has chosen to give Judah to its evil enemies, the Babylonians. The ‘what gives?’ vibe is answered simply by God. Yes Habakkuk’s fellow Judeans will receive a good kicking but ultimately everyone who doesn’t trust God, Babylonians included, will have to face the vibes of judgment. Habakkuk is comforted by this and takes strength that, despite his homeland being laid waste, God will crush the Babylonians too. Everything that gives Habakkuk joy is about to disappear but he seems happy to trust in God and wait for the karmic vibes of schadenfreude to kick in when it’s Babylon’s turn to get a thrashing.

General vibe of Habakkuk: God knows best.
Factvibe: Habakkuk is the only prophet who openly questions the wisdom of God.
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