The Vibe of Haggai

The Israelites have come home from their lengthy stint as POWs in Babylon but their Temple is still in ruins. The people are living a hand to mouth vibe and they have barely enough of anything. Haggai puts two and two together and tells the people they need to get their priorities right. Once they rebuild the Temple, everything else will fall into place. Surprisingly, given their history of ignoring prophets, the Israelites take notice and work begins on the Temple. Despite the finished result being a bit lacklustre, Haggai promises that God will fill it with riches. Up to now, the people’s attitude to God has been pretty half hearted and that’s why they haven’t enjoyed the vibes of prosperity. But with God out in front, the future is bright. Unexpectedly sunny vibes all round.

General vibe of Haggai: God will provide.
Factvibe: A stickler for detail, Haggai is the only author in the Bible who notes the exact day and month of his vibes.
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