Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell are two very different places. Heaven is where God lives and Hell is where he doesn’t even send Christmas cards. Traditionally, Heaven has been ‘up there’ and Hell is ‘down there’ but no one actually knows where they are or what they’re like. We get given lots of vibes though. Heaven is a paradise and full of nice people who have spent good lives being kind and thoughtful to each other, and who have a good rapport with Jesus. Hell is full of selfish brats. After he dies on the cross and comes back to life, Jesus tells his followers he is getting a place ready for them in Heaven before heading off there himself. Heaven is the place where people can be with God and each other, living life to the full without any of the negative vibes of life on Earth. Forever. Hell is the final destination for anyone who doesn’t buy into the Jesus vibe. Here they will be ‘disciplined’ for all the selfish things they have done and will be separated from God. Forever. There is also a suggestion that Hell gets quite hot, hence it being referred to a number of times as ‘the fiery furnace’, and it is also quite loud from all the ‘gnashing of teeth’. Though the exact details of Heaven and Hell remain sketchy, the vibe is one of two options: eternity with God or eternity without God. It’s fair to say that the Bible is pretty biased in steering people towards option one.

General vibe of the Heaven and Hell: Good times or bad times – forever.
Factvibe: The Book of Revelation describes twelve gates with ‘each gate being made from a single pearl,’ hence the vibe, ‘pearly gates.’
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