The Vibe of Hebrews

Hebrews has an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ vibe. The message is aimed squarely at Jewish believers in Jesus and gives a euphoric three point demonstration explaining why his birth was the eureka moment that everything in the Old Testament had been building up to. Point one: as Son of God, Jesus is more important than any prophet or angel – even Moses. Point two: he is more important than any priest who has ever lived as he will rule forever. Point three: Jesus rescues believers from their past life and saves them from fear and death. In the olden days, Jews sacrificed animals to try and get the same end result but the vibe of Hebrews is that Jesus is the real thing - a one size fits all sacrifice that overrules all previous ones and puts the house in order for all time. And it’s no longer about simply obeying God’s rules – the new rules are about understanding the vibe of God, which can only be achieved by following the teachings of Jesus. The vibe is that Jesus became like us so that he could understand human suffering and temptation – and then help us when we have to deal with these. Jesus is the modern day equivalent of the Jewish High Priests, he’s the one we can go to in times of trouble. There’s now no barrier between us and God. There is an ‘accept no substitute, don’t go back, you’ve never had it so good’ vibe to Hebrews and the book ends with a who’s who of Old Testament heroes who looked forward to this day when God has finally honoured his promises. An emotional yet compelling ‘once bitten, forever smitten’ sales pitch to wavering Christians.

General vibe of Hebrews: Keep going.
Factvibe: Despite being bundled with all the letters at the back of the Bible, Hebrews is a sermon, and no one knows who wrote it.
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