The Vibe of Hosea

There’s a hurting vibe that runs right through Hosea. This is the stuff that country and western songs are made of. Hosea finds him a woman but she finds herself another man. But even though he’s hurting, he takes her back and keeps on loving her. The vibe is that this is a metaphor for the love God has for his people and how he feels when they turn away from him. And mama, have they turned away from him. The people are worshipping pagan gods and are turning to foreign rulers for help rather than God. The vibe is deep into the red and Hosea can see that if people don’t turn back to God, his wrath will fall upon them like fire in summer wind. The vibes of doom spill from his mouth faster than the people can build pagan idols but no one listens. The inevitable happens, Israel is pretty much swept away by her enemies and all that remains are Hosea’s words, begging the people to turn back to God. God the faithful lover is always waiting with vibes of forgiveness for his wayward woman to come back.

General vibe of Hosea: It’s never too late.

Factvibe: According to the vibe of the Jewish Talmud, Hosea was the greatest prophet of his generation.
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