The Vibe of Isaiah

Isaiah’s opening vibe is a wagging finger of doom. Death and destruction will come the way of Israel if the people don’t get their act together and repent. However the bitter vibe is sugar coated, all will be well if everyone behaves. But Isaiah isn’t finished. The vibe of calamity continues with the namechecking of all the nations that will invoke the wrath of God but the mood changes when Isaiah hints at a future saviour of the world. Hope vibes abound. More good vibes follow: the greatness and majesty of God, His mercy, grace and love. There is a powerful redemption vibe in Isaiah and we are promised the wonderful counsellor, the everlasting father and the prince of peace. Isaiah is like the Bible’s grandpa, a lot of growly vibes but lots of hugs too.

General vibe of Isaiah: Be good and good things will come.

Factvibe: Chapter 37 of Isaiah is word for word the same as chapter 19 of the second book of Kings. The writer of Kings was the copy cat.
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