The Vibe of Jacob

Jacob has a double crossing vibe running through his story. One half of a twin born to Isaac and his wife Rebecca, it's fair to say he and his brother Esau don't get on. Things come to a head when Esau comes home hungry from a hunting spree and Jacob makes him swap his birthright for some food. It also doesn't help that Jacob is a mummy's boy and Rebecca will do anything to give him the edge. On his dad's deathbed, mum tells Jacob to pretend to be his brother, a much hairier man, by wrapping himself in goatskins. Fooled, dad gives everything to Jacob and Esau is left fuming. Karma returns when Jacob tries to get married - his father-in-law makes him work for him for seven years before he can marry the girl of his dreams, then swaps brides at the last moment. Jacob then has to work for the old man for another seven years before he can get the right girl. Later, Jacob sees a ladder reaching up to Heaven, wrestles with an angel and changes his name to Israel. He has twelve sons and buys a coat of many colours for his favourite, Joseph. Sadly, the coat causes all manner of problems and Joseph ends up being taken as a slave to Egypt. After a particularly tough famine, Jacob takes his eleven remaining sons to Egypt for a food handout and is surprised to see that his long lost boy, Joseph is the official in charge of famine relief. The family sticks around and Jacob’s sons each start a tribe and settle down in their new homes. A long life of absolute head messing vibes.

General vibe of Jacob: Father of Israel.

Factvibe: Jacob’s new name, ‘Israel’ means ‘God rules’.
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