The Vibe of James

James has an ‘actions speak louder than words’ vibe. We should be doers rather than just hearers. We should look forward to the hard times because endurance is a virtue and we should pray with the rock solid belief that something will happen as a result. The vibes about rich and poor are clear: riches don’t last so it’s better to be poor. James tells us that the vibe of true religion is to help the poor and downtrodden and to not be corrupted by the world.  We shouldn’t judge people by their appearances and should learn to control our tongue so that it spreads love and joy rather than less pleasant vibes. True wisdom is not about having a wide general knowledge and lots of life experiences, he says, it is the wisdom from God that makes us peaceful, gentle and willing to give and take. We are told that pride brings trouble with it and that too much of a worldly vibe makes us enemies of God. Humility, however, is welcome – the humble will be lifted up by God. James tells us that judgment is God’s business and we shouldn’t boast about what we will do tomorrow – tomorrow only happens through God’s will. Rich tyrants will be judged and we should all wait patiently until Jesus returns. We must suffer knowing that God is kind hearted and caring and we should pray – the prayers of good people can achieve a lot. Lots of vibes, all nudging new Christians in the general direction of harmonious and happy living.

General vibe of James: How to be good.

Factvibe: James became the first leader of the church after the death of Jesus.
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