The Vibe of Jeremiah

Jeremiah has a very black and white vibe. The prophet can see disaster coming and he doesn’t care who knows it. Jeremiah’s message is given an emphatic thumbs down by his fellow Jews, especially when he suggests they buddy up to the hated Babylonians. This is seen as treachery by some and wins Jeremiah the robust dislike of Israel. Despite this, he rages through the reigns of five kings, a lonely zealot preaching a gospel of doom that no one wants to hear. Dark, gloomy vibes prevail as Jeremiah explains to anyone who will listen that destruction and death are coming their way if they don’t turn back to God. It’s not all bad news: if they do get their God vibe back and admit they’ve messed up, God will save them. Sadly, this doesn’t happen and Jeremiah’s vibes of woe become bona fide, ironclad, a priori fact when Judah is utterly and emphatically laid waste by the Babylonians and the Temple is destroyed. Jeremiah continues to rant at all the nations whose ends will also be messy, including Babylon. On a more hopeful vibe, Jeremiah looks forward to the time of Jesus when God’s vibes will be written on mens’ hearts, not in a box in a Temple, but it’s all a waste of breath as no one is listening. Fortunately someone wrote it all down and proved Jeremiah right, but that didn’t stop him dying a lonely and unloved old man. A short straw but someone had to pull it.

General vibe of Jeremiah: Woe.

Factvibe: Jeremiah still had enough ink left in his quill to write the book of Lamentations.
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