The Vibe of Jericho

Joshua and his army have arrived in the Promised Land but the resistance vibe from the locals is strong and they’re in no hurry to move on. However the ‘we will prevail’ vibe in the Israelite camp is also strong and no fortified city is going to stand in the way of the people moving into the land promised to them by God. After a preliminary scouting mission where secret agents are given safe haven by a hooker, Israel advances. Using the unorthodox vibe of sonic warfare, the army walks the Ark of the Covenant round the city seven times then blows on trumpets. The vibes are so powerful that the city walls crumble and carnage ensues. Happily, the tart with a heart and all her family are kept safe as payback for her good deed. An air punching, flag waving victory parade of a vibe.

General vibe of Jericho: Victory.

Factvibe: The red cord displayed in the lady’s window to show the Israelite army where she lived could be the origin of the vibe: ‘red light district’.
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