The Vibe of Jesus

King of the New Testament, Jesus is pretty much the focus of every book. It’s an unlikely vibe to begin with. He is born in a stable to a couple of nobodies and lies low for the next thirty years before gathering a team of twelve men together to change the world. The vibe of Jesus is a pretty upside down one – the first will be last, the poor will be rich and the meek will be powerful. He underlines his message of love to all people by telling quick, off the cuff stories and performing miraculous healings. Better still, his message isn’t just for the Jews, it’s for everyone – even the occupying Roman army. Jesus teaches peace, love and justice. He shows equality to women and hangs out with criminals, prostitutes and lepers. Lots of people don’t get the vibe of Jesus though, especially the Jewish leaders who feel threatened by him. The vibe turns bad when they conspire to kill him and this isn’t helped when the peoples’ expectations that Jesus will gather an army to fight the Romans are dashed. Disappointingly for them, Jesus arrives in Jerusalem on a donkey and allows himself to be arrested and killed. He’s betrayed by one of his closest friends, beaten, whipped and nailed to a cross like a criminal. But the vibe hasn’t died – Jesus has more love to give. He stuns everyone by coming back to life, proving that he is the one who God has sent to make everything good again. Christians believe that Jesus is the vibe of God in human form and that his death was a once and for all grand finale sacrifice - from now on, we defer to him when we do stuff we're not proud of and if we are sorry he'll wipe the slate clean. Likewise if there's stuff we need a higher power to sort out, he is higher power number one. All Christians have Jesus on a kind of cosmic speed-dial which they call prayer - a good tool to have in times of need. All in all, Jesus has a world changing, BC to AD, history making, day saving vibe.

General vibe of Jesus: Love each other.

Factvibe: Historians believe Jesus was probably born in 4BC.
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