The Vibe of Job

Job is rich, he has a wife, he has kids, he has land, he has livestock. The vibe is good. God knows Job loves him and the Devil decides he wants to spoil it all. However, God is so sure that Job will remain true to him he lets the Devil play some games to test him. Basically, any game that doesn’t involve Job dying is considered fair play. It’s not a very nice game and Job loses his children, his land, his animals and his health. His friends accuse him of some dark deeds that he must have done in the past to invoke God’s wrath and the vibe is low. But Job knows God has his reasons and he just has to go along with the pain, loss, grief and other hardships that get thrown his way. In the end God is proved right, Job never once turns away or gives up. The Devil concedes defeat, Job’s friends look foolish and Job ends up richer and happier than ever with more kids and animals than he had before. A ‘turned out nice in the end’ vibe.

General vibe of Job: Trust God.

Factvibe: Despite appearing much later, Job’s vibe is set around the same time that many of the events in Genesis take place.
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