The Vibe of Joel

There’s a feisty vibe to Joel. He witnesses a swarm of locusts destroying everything in its path and likens this vibe to ‘the Day of the Lord’. This is the day when the world will be judged by God, found lacking and ultimately annihilated. Quite a heavy vibe in fact, and one which makes for some unpleasant reading. Having made his point, Joel then reminds us that God is only too willing to rescue us if we turn back to him. If we do this, he’ll pour out his blessings on us in what will be the exact opposite of a locust plague. So the choice is ours – a horrible and violent death or mountains running with fresh wine and hills flowing with milk. A tough one, not.

General vibe of Joel: Judgment is coming.

Factvibe: Joel speaks about the Second Coming without mentioning the first one.
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