The Vibe of John

John’s Gospel has a very different vibe to the other three. It packs a heavy emotional vibe which is unsurprising – John is in the inner circle of the twelve Disciples. Originally a fisherman, he follows Jesus for three years, witnesses miraculous healings, gains insights into what Jesus calls ‘the Kingdom of Heaven’ and comes face to face with the wrath of the Jewish leaders. During this time, he becomes good friends with Jesus and Jesus becomes the man who the people believe will help them kick out the Romans. Even after the brutal execution of his leader and friend, John’s faith in him never wobbles. His vibe is filled with images and metaphors: Jesus is the Good Shepherd, ‘the way, the truth and the life’, ‘the bread of life’ and ‘the light that shines in the darkness’ that the darkness can never put out. John’s Jesus has a sustaining, nurturing, guiding, loving vibe. And because God so loved the world, John says, everyone who believes in Jesus will live forever. This is a triumphant book of hope written by someone who knows Jesus as both son of God and close personal friend. Vibes of beauty, peace and love.

General vibe of John: Jesus loves you.
Factvibe: John was the last Disciple to die, surviving into old age.
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