The Vibe of Joseph and his Brothers

Joseph’s story has a jaunty, almost cocky vibe to it. Jacob has twelve sons and one of them, Joseph, is a special boy able to interpret dreams. His dad gives him special attention and a snazzy coat which makes his brothers mad with jealousy. So mad they bash him up and sell him to slave traders who are on their way to Egypt. Once sold, Joseph is on even more of a downer - he rebuffs the amorous advances of his new boss’s wife and she gets her own back by saying he tried it on with her. Joseph is sent to jail but the vibe lightens when word spreads that he can understand dreams, especially when the Pharaoh has been having some quite feisty ones. Soon, Joseph is telling Pharaoh what his night time visions mean and as a result, Egypt is warned that a drought is on its way. The vibe continues to soar as Joseph is not only freed from jail but is made Pharaoh’s right hand man with a specific responsibility for drought management. Jacob and his other eleven sons run out of food and come to Egypt for emergency assistance. Only after he has a bit of fun at their expense do Joseph’s family realise that the main disher-outer of aid at the Egyptian court is their own flesh and blood. Tears, reunions, jobs for everyone and a happy ever after vibe follow.
General vibe of Joseph: forgiveness.

Factvibe: Some people think that ‘coat of many colours’ was translated wrong and that it actually means ‘coat with long sleeves’.
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