The Vibe of Joshua

Pretty much from start to finish Joshua has a warlike, take no prisoners kind of vibe. The Promised Land is already filled with people who call it home and if the Israelites are to stand a chance of settling down, Joshua and his armies need to send the locals packing. There’s a guns blazing, blood and thunder, action movie vibe in Joshua that’s definitely not for the squeamish. Starting with the epic attack on the fortified city of Jericho, the Israelites tear into their enemies with vigour. Nothing gets in the way of their slash and burn approach to colonisation and once the previous tenants have either been killed or cowed into submission, the Israelites divvy up the land and get their settling in and settling down vibe on. A ruthless, bloody yet businesslike vibe.

General vibe of Joshua: Moving in.

Factvibe: Egyptian tablets record marauding attacks by a tribe called the Habiru who some believe were the Hebrews under the command of Joshua.
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