The Vibe of Judas

Judas has a ‘someone had to do it vibe’. It’s easy to forget the three years he spends with Jesus, supporting him and helping spread the word around the towns near the Sea of Galilee. It’s not that Judas doesn’t deserve a bad rap, after all he shops his friend in exchange for cash. But there is a sense that this was meant to be and Jesus knows this. At the last meal he eats with his Disciples, Jesus actually announces that one of them will turn informer. Judas is the most indignant when he hears this but his ‘Surely not me?’ is met with an emphatic ‘yes you’ from Jesus. However, it takes the Devil to push Judas into action and with treacherous vibes in his head he runs off to help the Jewish authorities track down and arrest his friend. No sooner has he done this than the unbearable vibes of remorse and self loathing kick in, so much so that Judas uses the cash he received for turning Jesus in to buy a field where he hangs himself. A bleak vibe of broken friendship, broken promises, greed and loss.

General vibe of Judas: Betrayal.

Factvibe: Judas was in charge of the Disciples’ kitty.
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