You’d be forgiven for thinking that the book of Judges might have a pretty heavy legal vibe. Not so. The judges aren’t old men in wigs, they’re righteous men and women who come and save the Israelites’ skin when all appears to be going belly up. The Israelites have adopted a haughty ‘we don’t need God’ vibe which doesn’t sit well with God, and which doesn’t do them any favours when they’re trying to settle down in a country filled with people who don’t want them there. However, each time the Israelites’ behaviour gets them in hot water, along comes a judge to clear up the mess. The judges aren’t always the obvious choices and there’s a pretty big ‘if God is with them, anyone can do it’ vibe in Judges. A kind of easy going, things taking care of themselves vibe.
General vibe of Judges: While there are good people, God will step in.
Factvibe: One of the judges, Deborah, was a lady.
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