The Vibe of King David

David makes his Bible debut as a young lad who looks after his dad’s sheep. A musical prodigy, he is invited to the royal palace to help cheer up King Saul when he’s having a bout of depression. During a war with a neighbouring kingdom, the enemy brings out their trump card, a man mountain called Goliath. Goliath packs quite a meaty vibe in that he’s nine feet tall, strong as a wild beast and utterly terrifying. Meanwhile, the Israelites bring out David. It’s fair to say that, on paper, the poetic, lyre playing shepherd is not the bookie’s favourite but he attacks the giant like he would a marauding lion on the hunt for sheep and fires a well aimed rock at him. The pebble hits Goliath like a bullet and though not technically a fair fight – David’s sling is as close as any weapon in the Bible comes to a gun - the enemy run off like scaredy cats and victory goes to team Israel. Realising David is more valuable as a soldier than a musician, Saul makes him one of his army top brass but his jealousy at his new general’s successes means David has to run for his life. While on the run, David lives in caves until Saul tops himself and he can come back to Israel as king. The musical vibe won’t die though and while David is on living rough, he writes a large number of songs which can still be seen (or sung) in the book of Psalms. Once he is King, the vibe takes a dip - David gets a crush on the wife of one of his guards and sends the poor bloke to the front line to get killed so that he can have her all to himself. Things get even less rosy for David when his own son starts fighting him to be king. David has to go on the run again until the lad gets killed in a battle and the title passes to a son who sensibly hasn’t tried to kill David: Solomon.

General vibe of King David: Success corrupts.

 Factvibe: The king on a King of Spades playing card is King David.
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