The Vibe of King Herod

Herod has the vibe of a pantomime baddie. There were probably quite a few Herods; the Herod who rebuilds the Temple in Jerusalem might not have been the Herod whose daughter wants John the Baptist's head on a plate and he might not have been the one who wants to kill Jesus soon after he was born. Who knows who the Herod is who has Jesus dressed up in a purple robe and a crown of thorns shortly before his death? All we can be sure of is that, despite the heavy Roman vibe in the region where Jesus lived and died, the Romans allow the Jews to have a leader with no power. This puppet king, his father, his sons, his brothers and everyone else in his family who rule all seem to be called Herod. And they are generally bad.

General vibe of King Herod: King of the Jews.

Factvibe: A small part of the western wall of the Temple built by Herod is still in use and is known as the Wailing Wall.
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