The Vibe of King Solomon

Solomon is famous for his vibes of wisdom. He is the Son of King David and when God offers him anything he wants, he asks for wisdom rather than material wealth. Happily, he receives both, and also puts together one of the largest harems ever assembled. A devout Jew, Solomon has the Temple built in Jerusalem and ensures it is constructed from the finest materials in the known world. Sadly for Solomon and the kingdom of Israel, the vibes of pagan worship creep in and Solomon turns his back on God. As punishment, God splits Israel and Judah in two after Solomon has died. Solomon's fondness for wisdom leads him to write many of the Proverbs, and his fondness for ladies leads him to write the feisty love poems in the Song of Solomon. A ‘good but could have been brilliant’ vibe.

General vibe of King Solomon: Wisdom.

Factvibe: Despite featuring in their own novel, no mines in the African interior have any link to King Solomon.
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