The Vibe of Kings

Kings begins with Solomon’s arrival on the throne of Israel and after a bit of a Golden Age during which Solomon gets his construction hat on and builds a pretty impressive Temple, all goes belly up. Despite having impressed God with his request for wisdom rather than wealth - and getting both - Solomon gets cocky and disobeys God. As a result, Israel is overpowered by its enemies and is split in two. The vibe goes from bad to worse – Israel has a succession of bad kings and an all time low is reached when King Ahab marries a foreign queen, Jezebel, and forces her pagan vibes on his people. From nowhere, the prophet Elijah appears and invokes the mighty vibe of God, proving to people that in a side by side comparison, God is a much better choice than Baal. Jezebel gets angry with Elijah and he has to run for his life. Elijah hands the vibe over to Elisha but no one listens to his godly tirade either as bad king after bad king runs the two parts of Israel into the ground. Eventually the vibe gets as bad as it can possibly get when the Babylonians conquer Israel and drag everyone off into captivity. Low, mournful, head hanging vibes of shame.

General vibe of Kings: Abandon God at your peril.

Factvibe: Solomon is rumoured to have kept 700 wives and 700 concubines in his harem.
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