The Vibe of Lamentations

The clue’s in the title – Lamentations doesn’t pack the most upbeat of vibes. God’s people have been deported to Babylon, Jerusalem is in ruins and God’s Temple has been destroyed. The writer is mourning the vibe that God has abandoned his people and may not come back. It’s as bleak, desolate and black as the vibe gets in the Old Testament. There is no ray of hope and no light at the end of the tunnel in this book. What’s done is done. Man’s wilfulness and arrogance means God has turned his back on his people and now they’ve been left out with the trash.  This is what rejection feels like and it’s miserable. All the lamenter can do is hope that this isn’t ‘it’ and that it’s not too late for a last minute ‘happy ever after’ reprieve. Still, no breath is being held.

General vibe of Lamentations: Woe! Woe!

Factvibe: In the original, the first line of each verse begins with a new letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This vibe is known as ‘acrostic verse.’
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