The Vibe of Leviticus

Leviticus has a seriously religious vibe to it. As religious a vibe as you get in the Bible. The vibe is that lots of animal sacrifices have to be made to God but not just any old sacrifices, oh no. There’s a whole rulebook. This for that and that for this as well as lots of hows, whens and whys. There’s very much an ‘only the best will do’ vibe and the general idea is that the dead beast takes on the guilt of the people who sacrificed it. After the sacrifice, the people are clean again and free from all the bad they have done in the past. This is quite a heavy prophetic vibe – later on in the Bible, Jesus becomes the sacrifice so that the all the bad things people have done are wiped away. Which, ultimately, is a pretty good vibe.
General vibe of Leviticus: Stay holy.

Factvibe: The vibe of ‘an eye for an eye’ comes from Leviticus and means ‘not more than an eye for an eye,’ i.e. the punishment should not outweigh the crime.
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