The Vibe of Luke

Gentile vibes abound in Luke’s Gospel which is no surprise, Luke is the only non Jewish writer in the Bible. He’s a doctor and writes with the meticulous vibes of an academic. This means he is able to write in depth about the turbulent life, revolutionary teaching, untimely death and unexpected resurrection of Jesus. It’s a different vibe to the books by Matthew and Mark. Luke doesn’t need to make the link back to the Jewish scriptures – this is a vibe for the whole world. And the vibe is this:  Jesus is the hero of the downtrodden and thanks to the grace of God, anyone can get healed or rescued, however unworthy they might feel. A warm cuddly blanket on a wet winter morning kind of vibe.

General vibe of Luke: Jesus is for everyone.

Factvibe: Luke also wrote the book of Acts and hung around with Paul until he’d fired off his very last letter.
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