The Vibe of Malachi

The vibe has become weary. It’s been a long time since God rescued his people and brought them home from Babylon. The Temple has been rebuilt but the good times promised by the prophets haven’t arrived, neither has the Messiah shown up to pass judgment. A general vibe of malaise has set in, people are only sacrificing the animals they are keen to get rid of, they are marrying foreigners, giving less money than they should to the Temple and behaving badly because hey, bad people can do what they like. Malachi reminds them that the Day of Judgment is still coming when the bad will perish and the good will prosper. Malachi is trying to keep the vibe going in the face of apathy and indifference. It’s going to be a long wait before Jesus arrives to fulfil the promises made by the prophets but Malachi wants to make sure that everyone stays on guard. His is the last watch of the Old Testament, and after he puts down his quill the vibe is put on hold for over 400 years.

General vibe of Malachi: Jesus is coming, look busy.

 Factvibe: No one knows the name of the Old Testament’s last prophet.  Malachi simply means ‘Messenger of Jehovah.’
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